Our Network Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver a diverse, open, and safe environment for junior LGBT+ professionals across industries to share thoughts and experiences, learn from one another, and progress their careers

What are we and who we are for

We are an LGBT+ network offering a platform for the career progression of junior to mid-level professionals across industries including but not limited to insurance, accountancy, consultancy, law, finance, and technology. Our founding members are AIG, Barclays, BCLP, BNY Mellon, Deloitte, and Google. Our committee is made of two representatives from each founding member and come from a range of intersectional backgrounds. Our initial focus is within London and we aim to grow across the UK.

Why we exist

We believe LGBT+ professionals should use their identity as a strength and feel comfortable they can become inclusive leaders within their companies and beyond. Therefore, we exist to empower members in their careers through education, mentoring and networking with the wider LGBT+ community so that they can bring their whole and best selves to work. We will have succeeded in our mission when our members feel inspired, educated, and supported in accomplishing their professional goals.

How we accomplish our goals

We offer educational and avocational events such as panel discussions, lunch and learns, seminars, all coupled with vibrant networking opportunities. Each of these initiatives will touch on topics of interest and concern within the LGBT+ community, varying from introductory sessions to hard-hitting discussions. In parallel to our program of events, we will offer mentorship programs and online social media resources. Our events and resources are hosted and managed by our founding members.

Our Guiding Principles

Deliver to our members by looking to them to shape our agenda

We commit to supporting the professional development of our members, and therein, to tackle issues that are important to them. Therefore, we aim to capture the needs and desires of our members on a regular basis, through a complete feedback loop, which will continually shape the events we organize, how we operate, and initiatives we run. We are committed to understanding and emulating what helps our members feel inspired, supported, educated, and ultimately empowered.

Provide a platform for an intersectional group of voices

We want individuals from all areas of the LGBT+ community to feel welcomed and engaged in our network. Therefore, our network is inclusive of all gender identities, sexual orientations, ethnicities, religion, age, and people with disabilities. We aim to focus on various elements of the LGBT+ community by offering a variety of themes and objectives in our regular programme of events and collaborating with a range of guest speakers and consultants to participate and support. It is our policy to employ an inclusive mindset and language throughout our endeavors.